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QoS, End to End Quality

What is QoS?


The Quality of Service Engine Works End to End – For Both Uploads & Downloads

Other providers offer bonded solutions by using hardware to peer with data centers by establishing a VPN. However, no QoS is possible on any traffic in a VPN as one cannot ‘look in’ on the traffic buried within the VPN tunnel. Hence if one can’t analyze traffic, one can’t prioritize and perform QoS on said Traffic. This is why we don’t deliver our solution via VPN or at the hardware layer but at the network layer making it possible to perform QoS.

Our Quality of Service Mechanism ensures voice quality for customers by delivering packets further into the core. By ensuring the packets are delivered to the core, our solution has essentially eliminated the quality-related issues with last-mile access technologies.

First, we bond the connections – any connection, of any type, speed, or provider. We are a leader in Advanced-Bonding technology, allowing us to bond any number of connections virtually, to create one single “pipe” to satisfy your customers’ bandwidth needs. We’ll prioritize traffic across the network so that in-coming and out-going high priority traffic such as voice is complication-free.

Then, we tie the customer’s network to peering aggregators located strategically inside the core of the internet. By adding an aggregator in a central location on the internet backbone, the Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD WAN) Bonded internet technology can ensure that packets are prioritized between the client premises and the core where bandwidth is plentiful.

Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD WAN) technologies give you a wide range of options. Use our link load balancing technology to prioritize VoIP traffic over lowest latency links. Guarantee the session integrity of sensitive applications such as point-of-sale or credit card transactions or any other SSL session using Hot failover. Stream HD videos and have smooth videoconferences without having to worry about jitter, packet loss and latency issues. Use your commodity links to offload your for bulk traffic to the public Internet, while saving your critical traffic for private links.

quality of service

Bandwidth Without QoS

quality of service

Bandwidth With QoS

QoS Advantages

Five Advantages of our SD Network QoS

Working hand-in-hand with Hot Failover and Private WAN, Network Bonding teams up all your connections to give you blazing throughput whenever you need it - giving you full Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) flexibility and link resilience.

Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) can provide layer-3 like WANs using public internet. On-net or off-net, ensure network packets arrive on-time and in-sequence. Every time!

Quality of Service is an incredible network feature that is increasingly being demanded as VoIP and video-conferencing solutions are replacing PRIs and face-to-face meetings. Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD WAN) solution not only bonds the bandwidth of multiple and diverse internet connections but also provides application/traffic management outside the LAN, into and thru the core of the internet. Let’s explain:

   1. Unlimited Application Prioritization.

Do you have complex LANs that require various levels of prioritization? It’s not a problem for our Bonded Internet™. With our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) solution, you can create customized prioritization levels (as many as they need) to satisfy their system hierarchy.

3, 10, 35 application prioritization levels can be created using our simple configuration dashboard.

application priority

   2. Dynamic Allocation of Bandwidth for Prioritization Level

Unlimited application priorities mean nothing unless the QoS pipe-within-a-pipe is dynamic.

With our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN), the Quality-of-Service priority tunnels expand and contract to adapt to the usage levels – or bandwidth allocation – required by each application tier.

If a customer needs to make multiple simultaneous voice calls, the voice-tunnel will expand to accommodate that traffic. There’s no wasted bandwidth like with other QoS methods.


   3. Take Control of Traffic over On-Net or Off-Net Links

Here’s where you’ll think we’re dreaming.

Because of our system’s architecture, our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) solution allows ISPs, CLECs, and other service providers to provide end-to-end Quality of Service over 3rd-party connections.

HOW? We’d love to show you. Let us schedule an online demonstration where we show you how we’re able to monitor the health of off-net links and maintain a VoIP call’s quality while the off-net link is saturated.

dynamic bandwidth
control traffic
any isp

   4. Over Mixed-Media, Mixed-Speed links

Maintaining packet order is a critical component of Quality of Service. With our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) advanced routing and traffic-shaping algorithms, ISPs can maintain their customers’ packet order over multiple, diverse connections.

Connection speeds may vary and connection-types may require packet translation work. Our Bonded Internet™ manages unique network make-up and still delivers packets on time in orderly manner.

   5. Point-to-Point Traffic Prioritization and Management.

End-to-End, Node-to-Node, or Point-to-Point – whatever you call it, managing the entire WAN is a priority for distributed companies. Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) allows you to deliver packets in order, from one point to the next over the internet, without a loss.​

Considering an IP-based WAN? Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) is the right choice – there’s no need to use Expensive MPLS to ensure application integrity.

We’re confident you’ll love our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) for more than just the bonding and the failover. Give us a call, we’d be happy to set up a live demonstration and help you understand the technical and business opportunities related to Bonded Internet™.

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