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Multi Tenant Building

multi dwelling complex

Calling all housing societies, corporate and business parks, IT parks, and any multi-tenant dwellings. We offer enterprise-grade, lightning-fast connectivity to all the tenants, owners, and residents of your community. Access to fast and stable internet is now critical, more than ever, for the development of our nation as we move and navigate the 4th industrial revolution. High-speed internet access is as vital today as other essential services such as phone, water, or electric services. Those without these services are left stranded on the wrong side of the digital divide. High costs are a major driver of the digital divide. In today's connected world, everything is done online, such as ordering food, booking a taxi, shipping a product, renewing a passport, opening a bank account, etc. The need for reliable, secure, and fast internet has never been so crucial for development and growth.


For Residential Society/Complexes:

As we move towards an era of ‘Smart devices’ and IoT, many appliances are being connected to the internet such as Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators, Smart Air Conditioners, Smart Water Heaters, Smart HVAC systems, Alexa, Google Home, Cars, etc. Every year more and more devices are being connected. The demand for reliable bandwidth keeps going up. 8K streaming TVs are already being launched in the market. 5megapixel cameras are the new standard for CCTV setups. Schools are increasingly relying on and assigning internet research to kids at home. Gamers rely on low latency and high-speed networks on a daily basis. As a last and final illustration of how crucial connectivity has become in today’s modern world, consider that a digitized movie might be about a 1 Gigabit worth of data and an HD version of the same film might be triple that. Today we already have 4K smart TVs and Microsoft updates that are anywhere from 200MB to 800MB. Most new societies have also started offering SMART connected homes. Demand for such futuristic and tech-enabled homes has gone up, thereby increasing the property value of the community.

Until recently, telemedicine was viewed as an expensive and unrealistic solution for providing healthcare to a large segment of the population. However, due to advances in Smartphone technology and cheaper and more plentiful bandwidth, especially during the COVID crisis, many consultations were done via video conferencing. Available bandwidth and reliable connectivity improve the standard of living of the whole community. As more and more communities are able to access affordable bandwidth, the demand will continue to grow and some physicians see it as the next logical progression.





For Business Parks, IT Parks, Corporate Park, and Multi-Dwelling buildings:

During the COVID19 lockdown, the need to access corporate networks skyrocketed. With everyone working from home, bandwidth demand for offices shot up in leaps and bounds. However, due to the restrictions and lack of ability to easily provision additional bandwidth, businesses were unable to keep up with the increased demand. With software-defined solutions, easily scale up or down as per your requirement. Offer reliable high-speed connectivity to everyone at 40% of the cost of traditional leased lines. Offer better security, better reliability, and better speed to all residents without the additional cost. Reliable bandwidth is crucial for applications such as videoconferencing, Skype calls, and Cloud-based Applications-as-a-Service (AaaS). As more and more businesses have come to rely on SAAS such as ERP, CRM, email, and other cloud-based services; high speed and reliable internet have become the need of the hour.

While it may be annoying to have to wait for a few hours for a movie to download on a 10mbps connection, what are the financial implications for engineering firms that have to wait hours for CAD files? Or what are the implications for a patient that must wait for a scan or an x-ray to download in order for a physician to make a proper diagnosis? A design firm to upload new floor layouts, a developer to launch an app, or even for a resident to upload CCTV footage to investigating agencies?

better internet

Residents of smaller, poorly-connected communities are not returning partly because of a lack of broadband connectivity. Modern businesses and communities view high bandwidth as crucial to their future growth and in some cases, the difference between flourishing and withering over the next few decades. This directly corresponds to the value of the property. Low demand = Low Value. A connected complex has a higher demand and hence boosts a higher resale value for its owners.

Faster Internet

15 Mbps

30 Mbps

100 Mbps

50 Mbps

Great for browsing, email
and staying connected


Great for streaming TV
shows and movies

lower cost
private wan

Great for gaming,
and enough bandwidth
to power all of your devices

software defined networks
software defined wan

Fastest speeds available!

application aware
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