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Data Center

If you are an Internet data center why not monetize the extra bandwidth? We all know data centers have plentiful bandwidth and data capacity. Why not leverage that extra capacity to add a source of revenue? Add a potential revenue stream without any capital investments and recover your cost of expensive lease lines/dedicated circuits and recoup your monthly recurring expenses from new and existing customers. Furthermore, provide your current client base with reliable internet throughput along with a better browsing experience and better application performance.

Corporate Data centers are bandwidth hogs. Often, provisioning such reliable and high capacity bandwidth is expensive which often leads to higher operating costs. To stay competitive with customers one must have a streamlined operation. Instead of paying $$$ every month for inexpensive circuits, peer your data center with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM at 30% of the cost and provide your data center 1G or 5G or 10G circuits with 99.9999% uptime.

For data centers that would like to provide differentiated services to their clients, CLL provides a unique opportunity. SMBs and enterprises can connect to their offsite internet data centers via the Cloud Leased Line that is powered by Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) powered Broadband bonding network appliances that are installed at the customer location and at the Corporate data center. This allows for low latency network access. CLL enables the SMBs and enterprises to bond all of their available internet access lines and leverage this cost-effective, fast, secure pipe with a low latency network for all of their communications to an internet data center. The corporate data center redundancy and therefore the data center reliability can be maximized. 

Since CLL is capable of bonding different types of internet access technologies from different ISPs, the internet data centers can now provide ISP diversity to their customer base at the access end on top of the backhaul diversity that they already provide. Their customers can simply get any type of internet connection and bond them to access their data center.

In scenarios where the internet traffic is funneled through the internet data center, all the internet traffic to/from the office will be able to leverage the bonded IP pipe speeds. To learn more about the Cloud Leased Line solution for office to IDC communications, please get our application notes from the whitepaper - Cloud Leased Line for office to Branch Office communications.


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