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Case Studies

bonding 5G with adsl

A DSL provider’s customer began a hunt to solve network performance pains, and found a Fixed-Wireless provider that could bond the bandwidth of a WiMax connection with that of the customer’s existing ADSL connection. The Fixed-Wireless service provider provided the customer with a secondary connection, and a new IP address, and assumed control of the customer’s entire network.

Bonding Fixed-Wireless to 3rd-Party ADSL for Business Continuity

Fixed Wireless to ADSL

enterprise class network

A large integrated manufacturer finds that there is a better way to provide a flexible, cost-effective network system connecting the head office, and 51 manufacturing branches to support more than 2,400 employees and countless systems and processes – using our SD WAN and Bonded Internet solution.

Growing Business Leverages our SD Network solution to Achieve Enterprise Class WAN.

Our SD WAN achieves enterprise class wide area network

WISP provider

A Fixed-Wireless customer approached a Bonded Internet™ Service Provider following a substantially windier-than-average spring, in hopes the service provider might have a solution to ensure their business would not be affected by subsequent wind-storms. The service provider provides another fixed-wireless connection for added redundancy, and bonds the connections for greater network performance and uptime.

Bonding Fixed-Wireless to Fixed-Wireless for Business Continuity


smart internet

Optimizing application delivery at more
than 200 business locations for a global restaurenteur

Global Restauranteur Boosts Application Performance



The client is a privately funded, full-service mortgage bank

Private Lender Accelerates Core Processes With SD WAN



Our cutting edge technology allows multi dwelling units to combine multiple low-cost in­ternet connections into a single, faster and more reliable connection onto which we layer a centralized firewall, end to-end Quality of Ser­vice (QoS), WAN monitoring and management. The user's need for more bandwidth and reli­able connection keeps rising. At the same time, a balance has to be achieved to keep costs down. Enter our patented SD Networking based WAN 

Multi Dwelling Complex Leverages SD WAN

Multi Dwelling Complex Infrastructure

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