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Turbo Boost

All downlink and uplink sessions are aggregated for faster transfer via the Bonding WAN aggregation technology. Bonded internet is a load balancing router with packet granularity aggregation. Even in cases of a single HTTP session (an example of such a session is a single file download), all internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session. Using our compression technology you can get a further boost of between 2 to 4 times the combined aggregated throughput.

Self-Healing WAN

In case of internet access line failures, the Software Defined Network (SDN/ SDWAN) keeps the ongoing sessions alive by making real-time per-packet routing decisions, even for the sessions in progress, without loss of data integrity. Additionally, automatic failover protects against failures of one or more WAN link outages. Automated Domain Name Service (ADNS) optimization is used to maximize the utility of all active access lines. Automatic failover protects against failures of one or more access link outages, as it will not cause the failure of the aggregated access link as long as at least one access link is still active, resulting in less downtime for the connection.

Link Failure Recovery

In case of internet access line failures in one of the internet access lines within the IP tunnel, Cloud Leased Line (CLL) recovers the ongoing session by redistributing the load over the available access lines, even for the sessions in progress, without loss of data integrity. This means your office to office VPN will be kept alive even during individual WAN failures.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)

Various adaptive quality of service features enables dynamic bandwidth reservation for your selected applications and traffic types that adaptively reserves bandwidth only when that traffic type is detected. You can also limit inbound/outbound traffic to defined bit rates, manipulate traffic based on TOS identifier, and block certain traffic types in addition to much more.

wan optimization


is Centrally Managed and Monitored


Branch offices can be provisioned, monitored, and managed centrally using a Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) controller that gives network administrators full control over their wide area networks and remote devices using a single interface.

Complex VPN configurations connecting thousands of branch offices together securely (using whatever connectivity is available at each location) can be created and deployed automatically, with centralized WAN monitoring and notifications providing a real time view of WAN health and globally branch office availability.

Deploy WAN Optimization on servers or PCs at client data centers, head offices, and branch offices to optimize the performance of specific applications such as ERP and accounting platforms. WAN Optimization can also be deployed on CPE/bonders at branch offices and data centers to increase the performance of cloud-based applications accessed through the data center. Putting WAN Optimization clients on mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptops increases perceived speed and performance over wireless networks or home internet while reducing the cost of wireless metered connections

In the era of cloud computing, as-a-service IT delivery models, and always-on digital businesses, the impact of poor application performance is greater than ever.

WAN Optimization is a cost-effective solution that overcomes the challenges of network-intensive applications in public and private clouds to deliver high-performance applications and high-quality end-user experiences. Through data deduplication, protocol optimization, compression, and TCP optimization, WAN Optimization increases the effective throughput of network links and maximizes the performance and ROI of existing fiber, wireless, satellite, or broadband circuits.

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