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Increased Network Performance

High Performance, High Quality Internet Solutions

You no longer have to choose between slow, unreliable broadband internet or costly leased lines. Our advanced Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) solution provides leased-line reliability and dedicated performance at regular broadband prices. Our per-packet load balancing approach is the only one in the SD-WAN marketplace that can deliver the best network performance.

Full Bandwidth Availability for Single Transfers

Unbelievable Performance: The full bandwidth of each connection is available even for a single download or upload.

Unlike load balancing solutions that limit the speed of an upload or download to the speed of the individual connection, our advanced Software Defined Networking (SDN/ SD-WAN) solution makes available the total combined bandwidth of all connections for a single transfer. This full bandwidth is available for downloads and uploads. A load-balancing router is unable to offer this combined throughput for a single transfer. Using our bonding technology, you can combine multiple connections. This enables you to access headquarters or cloud traffic or VoIP and video conferencing services at greater speeds than you could achieve with a single link and at a fraction of what it would cost using traditional WAN alone.

Bandwidth consumption reduced by 50%


powered bonded internet

Support up to 5 times

Response time reduced by 60 %

Compression & Optimization

Advanced Bonded Internet supports data compression, increasing your throughput up to 5x. You’ll be blown away.

With the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology, evolution, and adoption of a variety of cloud applications including Email, SaaS, and online backups, each service requires an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth and reliability. Individual broadband connections don’t offer the performance you need and leased lines are outrageously expensive.

Our Software Defined Network (SDN/ SD-WAN) satisfies your need for speed and reliability at a reasonable price so that the SMB market can easily afford it. Our solution offers throughput from 100mbps to 10gbps. The total bonded bandwidth is available even for single downloads and uploads. Transfers are not limited to the speed of a single connection as they are in load balancing solutions.

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